Sunday, April 19, 2009


Here are some cute pic's of Bailey Easter morning. We didn't do much since she is so young, but she did get a new dress and a little basket (that I can use again!) with some bubbles, a couple of bunnies, washcloths (because we never have enough of those) and some candy for Dad and Mom!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crazy Hail Storm!

Just figured I would do a post on the crazy hail storm that blew through 2 weeks ago. It was so crazy I was at home with Bailey and all of the sudden I could hear something, I opened the front door and it was hailing. I picked up some hail and stuck it in the freezer, I thought that it was big(about nickle size). Then 5 minutes later it was like it was going to come through the windows and the ceiling. It was the biggest hail I had ever seen, golf ball size! It was so crazy! In other areas around us it got as big as baseballs. Everybodys cars and houses got ruined. Our car has 6k worth or damage lucky none of our windows shattered so it's still driveable until we can get in to the body shop.

Not a very good blogger!

Here are some random pictures, I am not very goo at this blogging stuff. Some pic's ar of Brandon's brother Cameron, some are of when my mom and Mike came and visited. That was so awesome we love having them here it went by way to fast. Were so thankful Mike and my Dad are safe this month after having strokes.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bailey's 1st Christmas 2008

We had our usual Christmas ritual with the Bromley family. Everyody gets PJ's from grandma Kim and we enjoy homemade clam and corn chowder and homemade breadsticks. Oh! It is so good! Bailey in her cute christmas outfit from Darlene. Thanks, it was so cute. Brandon's sister, Alyssa, her husband Trey, Austin and Dominic.They are the cutest family, we love hanging out and having dinners with them.

Lets Back it up a bit!

I decided that I need to post some of our pictures from when we visited STG in Nov.2008. While we where in STG we had Bailey blessed, it was so special. I'm so glad that my Grandpa felt ok to give the blessing and Thank You too Dusty for the blessing . It was so nice to have the whole family together. Bryce came home from Marine Core Training, The Benzon Family got to come down from SLC, and We got to fly from Texas. We definetly could have stayed for 2 more weeks, but it was a nice short trip. I'm so glad everybody got to see Bailey and we got to see Treyson and everybody else of course! We are already trying to plan the next trip, Brandon hopes sooner than later but will see. Brandon loves to go see his cousins Jake and Nate and there families. The picture of them is on the Red Hill, we took a little hike along the edge of the mountain it was so pretty.
Grandma with her two little ones! How cute are they??? Bailey got to meet everyone but Grandma for the first time. I'm so glad. I hate living so far away, she is growing up so fast. And of course a pic of the Marine with his nieces and nephews, except the babies. My Beautiful sister, who I love so much. She is such a good sister, the best Mother anybody could ask for, and such a good example for her family and friends. Thanks Cari for being my best friend though out our whole lives.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yeah My very 1st post!

Can you believe I finally took the time to figure this blogging stuff out, kind of! I don't know much yet, but at least I got a picture on here. Just want to be able to show everyone my cute little baby as she grows up away from her family in Utah. We miss you guys and can't wait til the next time we get to visit.